London Tantric massage

Here at Lust Erotic Massage London, we have an erotic massage package for clients who seeks something different. Among all massage services we have to offer, one of our most popular massage would be the London tantric massage – a very exotic, sensual and relaxing experience. But what is a tantric massage exactly? Let us explain the lingo.

The London Tantric Massage

A simple explain

An erotic massage by our escort with ancient tantra elements, focus on your pleasure.

Comprehensive explain:

Over the past five years Tantra, also called Tantric massage has become quite popular by those who regularly treat themselves to erotic and sensual body massage.

A search on Google for ‘Tantra massage London’ or ‘tantric massage in London’ returns an abundance of results.

Tantric massage was created from the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed then your health will benefit.

Although tantric massage does not involve actual penetrative sex, it does involve full on touching of the erotic zones.

Tantric or Tantra massage is usually not available at the local health spa, but in a major city like London, there are lots of masseuses who provide Tantra massage.

The best way to find the address of a tantric masseuse is browsing the tantric massage guide or find online advertisement. London is notorious for its abundance of massage parlors and saunas. Many of these massage parlors advertise Tantra and tantric massage but often this is a euphemism for ‘straight sex’.

So it is not recommended to visit these places to experience a real Tantra massage as likely there is not a masseuse capable of performing a serious tantric session. So when you need Tantric massage in London make sure that you know what you look for.

Tantric or Tantra massage uses its own lingo.

The male instrument is referred to as Lingam (wand of light) and the female parts are called Yoni (sacred temple). A masseuse who provides tantric massage is usually called a Goddess.

In a tantric massage session usually the masseuse and the customer are fully naked. Sensual energy from the masseuse will be easier transferred onto the customer’s nude body helping the healing and de-stressing process.

Basic elements in a tantric massage session are gentle (yoga) music, an empty mind and total surrender. So put your worries and negative thoughts on hold stay passive and let go.

Your masseuse will make you lie on your back, legs apart and a cushion under the hips to rise up your Lingam area and a cushion under your head so you can look at your genitals and at your masseuse.

Although there will not be any penetrative sex, you will be taken into unknown heights of sexual satisfaction. The massage itself involves every part of the body, and is considered tantra-yogavery sensual and erotic and is meant to prepare you – the receiver – for the attention to your Lingam area.(Lingam massage)

The masseuse will start by gently massaging your whole body, where the Lingam is intentionally avoided in order for you to become completely relaxed and prepared for the touching of your Lingam.

Gradually the tantric massage & lingam massage will enter into a higher level. The masseuse will pour a small amount of oil over your shaft and testicles and will begin to gently massage your testicles and the pubic bone above the Lingam.

The Lust Erotic Tantric massage for you

An experienced tantric masseuse will also massage the area between your testicles and your anus, the perineum. She then will move on to the Lingam, and gently grasp the base with one hand, move up the shaft and then remove her hand; she will repeat this with her other hand.

the tantric massage sexShe will continue to stimulate the Lingam for a while and then uses another stimulating technique, by grasping the Lingam at the top, slide down the shaft and remove her hand, alternately repeated with her other hand.

The head of the Lingam is very sensitive and that special attention will create waves of energy in the Lingam. Sometimes the Lingam goes soft, but an experienced tantric masseuse will understand this and her gentle touches and her sexual energy will shortly re-energize your Lingam.

Our Tantric massage is Special

Here is what makes Tantra massage so special and highly appreciated by the connoisseur. When you are on the brink of orgasm, the masseuse backs off and encourages you to take deep breaths. Then when you are relaxed again the masseuse will start all over, bring you close to orgasm and back off again. This will help you to control your ejaculation and therefore achieve longer, more intense and more pleasurable orgasms (happy ending).

Finally, to release you from every drop of stress she will search for your sacred spot, which is located between your testicles and your anus. It is a small indentation about the size of a pea. She will massage it and gently increase the pressure to intensify your release.

When you are nearing ejaculation the masseuse will apply even more pressure so your orgasm will come like a Tsunami of Pleasure. You will be in a trance-like state of absolute, sublime, deep relaxation.

Following your release, your masseuse will softly and gently hold and caress your body, then cover you with soft towels and let you be for a while.

After approximately 10 minutes she will help you come back to the ‘now’… You will be totally relaxed. Revitalized and rejuvenated.
Think Tantric – Be Happy!

Our massage center located in Central London area, and we are also provide outcall tantric massage to All central London locations and the Heathrow Airport.