Explore the world of secret pleasures, erotic touch and sensual joy. Enter the mysterious and yet delightful world of the Tantra, explore it to your heart’s content. Tantra is an art form that has been perfected over a thousand years by the beautiful courtesans of the Middle East, Far East and now in the West.

You will find all the information you seek on each Therapist and on the various types of Tantra techniques here on this website. We are London’s #1 provider of Tantric Massage Therapy. Our clients like us for our professionalism, discretion, warmth and elegance, and of course, for the enchanting beauty of our Therapists.

Let our massage impress you

london massage girlWe offer lots of erotic massage services in London:

  • Tantric Massage
  • Nude Body to Body
  • Nuru Massage
  • Sensual Massage
  • Yoni Massage
  • Prostate Massage
  • Lingham Massage
  • Male – Awakening
  • Premature Ejaculation Remedy
  • Four Handed Massage(advance booking required)
  • Six Handed Massage(advance booking required)

We are fully dedicated to help you reach the heights of your sensual pleasure as you explore the full breadth of your sexual awareness. The London Lust Tantric Temple brings you joy and bliss even as you feel the full extent of your sexual fulfillment.

The Tantra Massage Services

Tantra is about exploring your attitudes, deepest beliefs and sacred values, and helping you reach your most ambitious goals, on your own. Our sexy goddess will lead you and guide you along the path to blissful happiness and pure joy. They motivate you, guide you and help you explore a healthy sexual energy.

You will learn the ancient Art of the Tantra and explore the various methods that will bring so much happiness and ecstasy later to your sexual partner. You will experience the most stunning multiple orgasms which will leave you wanting more.

Throughout the experience you will feel relaxed and satiated, and lose the stress and the pressure collected from years of hard work. You will open up your heart and experience the joy of sexual healing, divine sexuality and truly explore your sexual energy.

The Therapists

Our Therapists will help you overcome premature ejaculation and get over the fear of performing. At the Tantric workshop, you will learn various sexual techniques and get an opportunity to explore them with the help of our most beautiful Therapists. Your relationship with a Therapist will be considered to be a partnership, one that is mutually beneficial, as professional as it is personal, even as our Therapist helps bring positive changes in your life.


All the massage services you have here are completely discrete and confidential. Everything that happens in the Lust Tantric happens in absolute privacy and secrecy, and there is no way for the outside world to find out about the intense pleasures that you experience here. You are assured of our complete discretion and professionalism, even as we lead you to a path of sexual satisfaction and sensual joy, and help you lead a more relaxed, happy and blissful life.