Massage FAQ

I think Lust Tantric Massage is not cheap. Can you justify your rates?

Yes we can, but that’s rather a long story. In short, we offer value for money and aim at your repeat business. The number of regular customers shows we do it right.

Are your rates all inclusive?

Rates for our massages are mentioned on the website. Rates are always exclusive of local transportation.

Are your rates negotiable?

No. And we do not appreciate that you do try.

Is a high price a guarantee for a good service?

To be quite frank: it is not. However, we are convinced the price-quality ratio for our massages is the best in the erotic massage industry in London.

What if I am not content with the appearance of the masseuse?

Though unlikely, there is always a slight chance that you have something else in mind than the masseuse we send you. We are all human. In such a case you just pay a cancellation fee and your masseuse will leave without further obligations.

What if I am not satisfied with the service? Do I get a discount or refund?

We know all of our masseuses deliver a good service. However, should you be not satisfied with your treatment, kindly speak to our manager. You will never get a discount or refund, but our manager is more than willing to personally select your masseuse for you on your next booking with us.

Do you offer any kind of sexual services?

Oops. You are a naughty person. The answer is no. We do not offer any sexual services. This is a massage only service, and though highly erotic, and at times even very hot, our masseuses will never offer anything else.

Can I discuss my needs for sexual services with your masseuse?

Of course you can, but a wise man once said: never ask the question if you know the answer!

Do you provide a call girl services?

Well how about oral sex? Penetrative sex? We do not do that Amigo. If you are looking for a call girl service , please call escort agency.

When I order a massage for my wife, am I allowed to watch and masturbate?

In such a case you should order a Couple Massage and ask your masseuse to only focus on your wife.

If I pay extra money directly to your masseuse, will she offer me a better service?

We don’t think so. Of course, we are not there, so if you offer your masseuse extra money and she accepts, that is something between you and her and has nothing to do with our agency. And between you and us, regardless how much you offer, you will get great service anyway, so keep your money in your pocket or donate it to this great charity.

I usually get very aroused by sensual massage. It’s very exciting for me. I get an erection and than feel a strong need for sex. Can I still order a massage with your agency?

That sounds all very normal. Erotic massage usually causes an erection in the male body; it’s all a matter of blood flow and stress build up. Consequently there is a need for sex. That’s normal too. Do not hold back, order a massage and let our masseuse release you from all of your stress in her own special way.

I am 55. I am frequently impotent due to a prostate illness. Can I request your masseuse to try to arouse me using sexual techniques including oral stimulation?

We feel sorry for you being impotent. Do book an erotic massage and ask your masseuse to make it a very tantric experience in order to create maximum erotic arousal. And as far as oral stimulation is concerned, your masseuse may use some very hot and sexy talk. But that is as far as it goes.

I have a problem with controlling my ejaculations. I always come quickly when having sex. Can you help me with that?

Tantric massage is the cure for premature ejaculations. Tell our receptionist when you book and ask her for a 90 minutes Tantra massage. We recommend a tantric massage every week for 8 consecutive weeks. This will usually help control your ejaculations.

I am gay. Can I request a male masseur?

We regularly have gay male customers and occasionally we have male masseurs working. In case there are no gay masseurs available, but only female ones, ask yourself why not? as after all it’s the touch that makes the magic.

I want to explore my bisexual side. Do you offer male masseurs?

Occasionally we may have male masseurs working; just ask your operator and explain your wishes. And remember that fantastic Woody Allen quote: Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.

I am not gay, indeed I like sensual massage by a sexy masseuse, but I love to have my prostate stimulated with a dildo or butt plug. Do your masseuses bring these kind of sex toys?

The prostate and homosexuality are non-related. We appreciate your preference as the prostate is a very sensitive and highly erotic organ. We recommend expressing your wishes to our friendly receptionist and she will make sure that you will get maximum pleasure out of your erotic massage. If you are beginner, we also recommend you to try the Mystic Prostate massage service first.

I am lesbian. Do you have a truly bisexual masseuse who loves to work on a female body?

Yes we do madam. Many of our masseuses are truly bisexual and love to please a female body. Just tell our receptionist that it is imperative to have a bisexual female masseuse.