Erotic Bath Massage

The mix of Tantric Massage and soapy massage, a very moist&sensual massage service…

We have blend our featured tantric element with the well known Soapy massage (brought in by Cloud Nine) to delivery the refined erotic massage experience.

While having the Tantric Bath Ritual, you will your body floating away in the vast expanse of a silent sea, on a raft, letting go of every muscle, as all negative thoughts get washed away, with the rising waves of the ocean. There will be sexy music being played very softly, dim lights and lovely scents. As you are welcomed into the Nirvana, you will be in a private enclosure with just your enchanting therapist with you. She leads you to the bubbly warm bath, after dropping her robes to the floor. The bath is filled with rose petals and just at the perfect temperature.

Once in the bath, your experiences are extremely soothing and very sexual, as you feel the tender attention from your therapist overtaking you, enveloping all your senses. You will feel the therapist working with your nude body with soft touches and strokes, even as you lose the control of your body, mind and soul to her. She will take you through an enchanting Tantra journey, as she worships your body, erotically touching, teasing and feeling you, arousing the full extent of your sexual being.

You will learn PC Muscle control techniques, experience Male Awakening or Female Awakening and express your emotions physically, vocally and emotionally, even as you feel the erotic force rise through you.