The Tantra of Sex

The Tantra of Sex

The ideas of London Tantric massage come from Tantra – an ancient brand of mysticism that appeared on the Indiant subcontinent thousands of years ago.

tantra and sexTantra was a method for spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness. It was non-dualistic, that is it did not divide the world into opposing good and bad. Rather, everything was seen in full acceptance as experiences to live through and grow through, by entering everything directly with a mystical approach (not to be confused with “mysterious”, mysticism is a method of direct experience rather than philosophy and doctrine)

Tantra never repelled sexuality. It was one of the very few cultures that embraced sex as a large part of us, a part we have to befriend and grow through. Tantra saw sexuality as one of our most potent positive forces, when approached correctly, and while Tantra is not a philosophy based on sex, sex played a big part in its methods.

In this process the Tantrikas explored sexual energy in detail. They found ways to enter it harmonically to make use of this potent resource for our growth and health. And as a by-product this approach gave them expanded sexual states, with unlimited pleasure, fulfillment and love connection between partners.

Tantra in its original form disappeared centuries ago. It merged with Hinduism and adopted some of its elements. It is still practiced as an all-encompasing spiritual discipline in some parts of Asia and by some devoted Westerners.

In the West, however, it was the sexuality vision of Tantra that attracted most attention. Apart from Tao, Tantra was the only culture that offered profound methods to embrace our sex spiritually and to expand it to new horizons from the mediocre sex life that we normally have.

While some teachers of Tantra as a global spiritual path through life remain and assert that Tantra is not about sex, many others are transmitting the sexual message of Tantra, accessible to anyone regarldess of life philosophy and religious views. It is a wide range of practitioners mainly with their own understanding of the pearls of wisdom that survived through centuries. Their methods and approaches vary a lot, in our days there is no unifying authority on Tantric sexuality.

There is a great deal we can learn from the Tantric legacy on sexuality, a great potential to transform our sex life into something much more pleasurable, fulfilling and profound, and in the process let this force have a positive effect on our entire life.