Our Tantric Massage and Mantras

Our Tantric Massage and Mantras

You said potato I say potato. It is exactly the same, though for some purist practitioners, tantra is about the philosophy and tantric is about the practice. Therefore, we can talk about tantra in general terms but about tantric in specific terms and specially at Lust tantric Massage: tantric massage practitioner, tantric masseuse for man, tantric massage, tantric sex, etc… Having said this, if someone does not understand what are you talking about when you say you want a tantra massage session or that you are interested in erotic tantra massage, Asian massage or a tantra masseuse, they are playing silly games or trying very hard to sound intelligent.


However, you should not confuse Tantra with Mantra, which is very different. Mantras are ‘exercises’ we use in meditation and, put simply, it is like a prayer, it could be very short like a single sound or long with a sentence structure. When repeated during a meditation or ceremony, it helps to relax and quieten the mind helping to focus on the present action.

Do we use mantras in tantra? Yes we do. Do we use them in the London tantric massage? No we do not. Tantra has many aspects, as already mentioned we can talk about tantra philosophy which means philosophy of life. When you get involved in tantra, there is a point in the process when you take the decision to change things in your life in order to keep growing in tantra or not to do it any more. Many other times it just happens in a very natural way. For me for example to stop smoking, drinking alcohol and eating red meat was something natural. I never tried or pretended to make it happen, I came to a moment where my body did not want it any more. I know many practitioners who still do it and I am not saying I am better because I do not. I am simply giving an example of a change happening in a very organic, simple way without any consequence or suffering. Anyway, I am talking about tantric practitioners, not about someone who maybe once a month just wants to experience a tantric sensual massage – those changes are not part of the process and not needed for you to get involved in meditation, mantras, ceremonies, etc…

a sensual tantric massage session

Maybe you are catholic and you go to church once a week, once a month or once every six months or even you go every day, and maybe you do not feel anything or maybe you feel great, but if you go and you feel great this does not mean you have to become a priest! Well with tantra it is exactly the same, each one of us gets involved to a different level and at his own speed, but in saying this your masseur still needs to be involved in order to help you obtain the benefits of a tantric massage session.