How My Tantric Massage Tutoring Session Goes

How My Tantric Massage Tutoring Session Goes

The Talk

Informative and Comprehensive
Learning Tantric massage involves knowing some important things about how our sexual bodies really work, how sexual energy moves, how we can help it and how we block it. Some of this, if not all, will be very new to you and just that alone will be a liberating new knowledge for your better sex life. It is suprising how many of our commonly accepted truths about sex are actually not true at all, leading us into a lifetime of struggle.

I will also tell you about what Tantric massage is, how it works, how you can use it to bring your sex life to a new level, and all the details for giving each other the massage.

Down-to-earth, Simple and Personally for You
I will tell you all you need to know, and I will do it in a very down-to-earth manner. I do not expect you to be New Age believers, nor do I expect you to be interested in the names of Hinduist gods or, in fact, to know anything at all about oriental sex practices. I will explain everything in common sense English because it is all indeed a very real physical reality, not a philosophy, and you will understand it all even if you don’t know anything about these things right now.

I will adapt to your particular circumstances or your particular relationship to make sure this session benefits you as much as possible. You can ask all you want and I will do my best to give answers specifically for you. I will make sure that we mix talks with practice, to avoid monotony and that you can experience some of the things we talk about, not just hear about them.

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tantric massage leanring session

The Demonstration

Clear, Detailed and Explained
I will demonstarte the massage on the woman. First, I will explain how her sexual body works to the man, in great detail – which he will find all very informative even if he is an experienced lover, I assure you, because unfortunately our culture offers a lot of pseudo-knowledge that even women themselves can not get free of without guidance.

Then I will go through all the sequence and stages of the Tantric massage, demonstrating the moves on the woman and explaining all as I go – where you touch, how, why and what’s going on beneath at that moment. I want you to understand the very essence, the very heart of it. I don’t want you to just learn a sequence, I want you to also comprehend the principles that run it and then you can do so much more with it at home.

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We will work at your comfort level. I can explain about breasts and genitals without touching them but it would be great if I could touch the rest of her body to show the moves better and to let the woman feel what they should be like – then she can correct her man at home. However, even if you prefer that I don’t touch her at all I can still demonstrate. It is up to you.

There is a very effective option for a more open minded couple, which you can read about here, in the “To Learn Even Better”.

It is unneccessary for me to demonstate on the man for the woman. It would be very uncomfortable for the man and there is no need – the massage for the man is very similar and I will explain all the differences in detail. Besides, women have a very intuitive skill for this kind of massage already.

The Practice

After some more explanation I will ask the man to try to perform a Tantric massage for his woman, in a general outline, once again without a need for her to undress completely. There is no substitute for a tutor watching you move and pointing out how you can do it better. You may think you understand until you try to do it. Many new questions will arise and if that happens when you are already at home, you have missed your chance… You will learn it much better and faster in my guiding presence than you could ever hope with a book, an instructional video or a group workshop. Some of the most valuable things you will remember about giving a massage will come from my help at this moment. We will ensure you can give a good massage that very evening.

It is unneccessary for the woman to practice on the man. Women have no problem performing sensual massages, it is the men who find it very hard and need help. Male massage is not that different from female massage and I will explain the difference. However, if you really prefer for both to practice with my guidance, we can make an extended session.

After that we will discuss how exactly Tantric massage could serve you and how it could tie in with your sex life, so we will touch on ideas much beyond just the massage, the ideas that can make a big change for you.

It is a very personal and effective tuition session, the likes of which you won’t get anywhere else. It is completely worth your time and your money.


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